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The Power of Followers: Why Social Media Saves Businesses

Social media is very prominent in our current society, but only 20 years ago it has nowhere near as much influence. Many social media sites now have billions of users worldwide and on average people spend at least 5 hours a day on various social media sites. Social media became very popular back in the early 2000s, although the original social media sites haven’t managed to adapt to people’s needs and are now rarely used. The first popular social media site was MySpace, in 2004 they reached the great achievement of having a million active users on their site every month, the very first social media site to do so. The social media sites that have been around since the start and are so popular are sites like Twitter, the site is different from how it was when it was launched as it has continued to develop to meet people’s needs, for example, they added the thread function for when 140 characters are not enough and allowing people to upload photos and videos. Since then, social media has become so popular that this is no longer an impressive achievement, one of the latest social media sites is TikTok and when it was launched back in 2016, it gained on average 20 million users per month. One of the big changes that social media brings along with it that social media completely changed the marketing game and can even save a business and its reputation. 


Why you should utilize social media for your business?

Social media comes with many advantages for your business, for any traditional business people it may be hard to wrap your head around, but in recent years things have really changed and any good business person needs to be aware of how helpful social media can be to your business. If you are not taking advantage of these sites then it is likely that your business will not carry on being able to compete with other companies in their industry and will be left behind. It is really easy to create a website or to create a business account or a business page on any social media so it is definitely worth doing and these sites are very user-friendly. One of the best things that come with social media sites is that it usually improves customer service massively. People prefer to communicate via their phones now and sending a quick message is a much more appealing way to get information than visiting the business or calling them. If you have social media then this gives consumers a quick way to get in touch and it will also allow previous customers to leave a review which is a great way to market yourself and help your reputation for free. 


What is the best social media site for your business?

Any social media website you sign up for will help your business but the best site is Instagram. Instagram is a fantastic place to market your business as it allows you to reach more people than ever. One thing that is important for marketing your business to help save it if it isn’t doing well is having a lot of followers. These followers will hopefully share your content and all of their followers will see it; this allows you to reach more people than if you were to launch your own campaign. If you’ve just started and you don’t have many followers then there is Instagram taktiken für mehr follower which will help you to improve your social media game more quickly.  

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Marketing Social Media

8 Effective Methods to Step up your Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media is no longer viewed merely as an option or an idea – most people use it everyday and it is basically impossible to be successful as a marketer without it.

Platforms that are right for you

Your company and your customers should be considered when choosing the right platform. To easily connect with your target audience, you should create accounts on the platforms they use. Make sure you find out which sites your audience probably uses and then make sure to use them as well. Choosing the right sites for your products is also important. Obviously YouTube makes sense for a company that makes videos and want to advertise their video content with targeted viewers.

Create a Calendar and Plan

While it may be tempting to just go ahead and post until your heart’s content to get as much of your social media page filled up as possible, this is not very effective as it will be overwhelming for potential customers and most likely messy- leading to rushed, low-quality content. Instead, plan your posts and if you are using more than one platform, plan what you are going to be posting and create a calendar of what dates and times these will be going live.

Encourage Engagement

The purpose of social media is to engage but this does not mean that people are going to straight away engage with your posts- some people use social media for fun and some are even referred to as ‘ghosts’ as they access social media but do not socialize. Therefore, you need to prompt people to engage with your site/page, in a way that is subtle such as using polls/question features, etc. It may even be useful to ask your viewers what they would like to see- therefore you are finding out about their preferences/interests and can incorporate these into your posts.

Don’t Over-Promote

Even though your page was of course designed to help you promote, over-promoting can cause people to feel put off and they may even choose to unfollow you completely. To avoid this, you can sometimes post stuff that is not necessarily directly related to your business but is something that people can relate to, and if they can relate to you then they are more likely to like you and your business.

Share Videos

Something that can be really effective is videos, a post is something that catches someone’s attention for 2 seconds (if you’re lucky), whereas once a video starts playing, the individual is likely to carry on listening. Videos that show the “face behind the business” can increase following and customers as it is more personal and people feel as though they are buying from someone they know, rather than a stranger behind a fancy business logo.

Address Problems

It is normal to make mistakes, whether that be something small like a spelling error or maybe you posted something that viewers didn’t like and found offensive, you should address these problems quickly and do not pretend that nothing happened- take responsibility and ensure that you are frequently asking your followers for feedback (including negative).

Build a Community

Instead of just being focused on trying to get as many followers as possible, work on engaging with the ones you already have in a genuine manner, it should not be all about the numbers but instead showing an interest in the lives of your current followers and you are more likely to gain an engaging and supportive audience this way.

Provide Value

Create content that means something to people- don’t use terminology that only a business owner would understand, make an effort to relate to your audience and create content that is useful, entertaining, for benefits them in some way.

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