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The Untapped Demographic: How to Market to Students Properly

Students are often the ignored demographic when it comes to marketing, as many workers in marketing see students as poor or less well off than the average individual so don’t think it is worth spending time or money marketing to these people. This is becoming an outdated view on marketing to students as students are actually one of the highest spenders, most students after paying their bills aren’t trying to save or have any additional costly responsibilities so tend to spend a lot. When it comes to marketing to students, there is room for a lot of success, the main thing for you to do is find the right things to market to them, there are tons of ideas out there from a formula sheet cfa level 1 for those students studying for their CFA to fun new drinking games for them to play with their friends and housemates. We’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks on how you can launch a successful marketing campaign targeting students.  


Free Trials and Samples

This is easily the best way to gain the attention of any student. Students can’t say no to free things whether that is a free trial for an online service, a free session at a gym, or free samples of food and drinks. There are 2 great times where you can really promote your products/services to students, the first is by getting involved in freshers fair. Freshers fair is usually hosted at the start of the year for university students. It involves a huge room or hall where there are loads of stands advertising various things from societies to clubs, to products. The majority of university students attend these events so if you can set up a stall there, you’ll get through to lots of students. Another great thing to try and get involved with is when students move into their accommodation at the start of the year, they’re often given a goodie bag or box full of free stuff, if you can get involved with this then you’ll be able to promote your business to millions of students nationwide. 


Social Media

Whilst other, more traditional forms of marketing are still the most successful among the older demographic, social media is the best way to market towards young people. It is a good idea to have someone from the age demographic that you’re targeting working on the campaign as they will know the best way to reach out to other people from that demographic. If you’re starting a campaign to target students then a student should definitely be part of the team, some of the best online marketing that has reached students include Greggs as they used Twitter to make jokes and get involved with the online debate about their vegan sausage rolls. This is something that an older person likely wouldn’t be aware of so it was a great idea for them to have a young person on the team. 


Have a Raffle

Just like free samples, a raffle or a giveaway gets students interested and it is a great way for your brand to spread. You can launch an online giveaway competition on social media like Instagram, if you make the rules to follow the page, share your story, and tag 3 people, then your page will end up exposed to hundreds and hundreds of people. This has become one of the most popular ways to market to young people as it has had a lot of success in the past. 

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Marketing Tips

Outsourced Marketing: Why It’s Never Wrong to Seek Consultations

Marketing is a crucial part of any business, without ensuring you have strategies in place to help attract more and more people to your business it is likely that you will limit your growth and chances of success. If you are in the early stages of opening your business and are not as experienced with putting together your own marketing strategies then do not worry. Buying marketing material or hiring a professional to help you teach the ways of getting more people on board with your company is not something that you should be ashamed of.  

One of the biggest issues with outsourcing your marketing material would be that you are not in full control of what is being produced whereas working individually you can alter things to suit your preference and requirements. For a business that is just getting started, however, it may be necessary to at least consult with someone who knows what they are doing and who can teach you the best and most effective method behind making quality digital marketing strategies. Even if it is not something that you keep on with your business and instead use the services provided to help you learn how to do it yourself.  


Prioritizing Your Business

In order for you to be successful, you are going to have to make sacrifices in order to prioritize your business and its rapid development. This includes your marketing and you shouldn’t be too proud that you don’t get help if this is an area you struggle with. Your marketing and advertising content will have a big effect on the amount of profit you make and the amount of traffic you have on your website so it should be your first port of call to have preparations made quite early on for this.  

Even if it will cost you money to hire somebody out to help you with putting together your marketing materials I would argue that this is a fair price when you consider how much extra profits and revenue it could bring in for your company. If you are serious about growing your company you will need to spread the word about your existence and the services or products you have for sale, if people are not aware of your company they are going to choose somebody else to fulfill their needs. 


Finding a Quality Consultant

When the time comes that your business is ready for opening you will need to ensure that your marketing strategies have been circulating the public for some time before you are ready to officially open your stores. This means that you will also have to find yourself a consultant who you can bring into your team to help with your marketing material and advertising strategies with plenty of time to spare before your doors open, to spread the word about your company and ensure you have customers there on your first day. You could also offer some sort of deal to generate a buzz and excitement and hopefully attract more and more people to spend some money with you.  

Finding a good consultant who can properly help you to manage and produce your marketing material can be difficult, you want someone who you can trust to do the job properly as it can have a huge knock-on effect for your company and the amount of money you will make. If you are looking for someone to fill the position I would recommend advertising using one of the many online job platforms that are available, you can hold short interviews and ask candidates to bring in some of their existing work to show the quality that they can offer you.  

Once you have found somebody to fill the role I would recommend offering them a trial period where they can work for you on the basis that they do the job well and work hard at it. As it is your business it is down to you how long you keep someone on but if you are only planning on offering a temporary contract I would recommend that you make this clear at the beginning to avoid upsetting anybody.  


Creating Your Own Material

The time may come where you have learned all that you need from your consultants and you feel ready to make your own marketing material and content for your business, if this is the case there are a number of benefits including affordability as you will no longer need to pay someone to do the job for you. Making any changes to your marketing strategies is a big decision as people may notice if the quality drops which could affect your business success during this time, this is why it is so important that you take the time to check you are ready to make your own advertisements.  

I would recommend that for your first time putting together your own marketing material you do a trial run on a  small collection of content, that way if something was to go wrong with it you can very quickly make the necessary alterations to rectify any errors. As is the case with many aspects of the business you will get better at this with practice and through making your own mistakes so if you do feel ready to get started there is no reason why you can’t give your own marketing content a go.  

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