How the World of Marketing Has Evolved Since the Introduction of Social Media
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How the World of Marketing Has Evolved Since the Introduction of Social Media

Marketing is a key part of the success of any business. No matter how good your product is, if you do not have the right marketing techniques, then it is likely that your business will not survive. A lot of companies make the choice of putting together a dedicated marketing team. Marketing is something that takes a lot of time and thought, which means that it is not just something that businesses can think about on the sideline.

In the past, the focus of marketing would be creating great packaging for your product, putting together a fantastic advertisement and making sure that the company name got out there. These are still aspects of marketing that are still widely focused on, however the way that they are approached has changed, thanks to the world of social media.

When social media was first introduced, nobody could have expected that it would exceed its social uses, but it has become a fantastic business tool. Social media has completely transformed the way that running a business works. In particular, it has completely reinvented the world of marketing and here is just a few ways that marketing has evolved since the introduction of social media.


The way that we brand our businesses has completely changed since the introduction of social media. When we used to focus on branding, the main aspects that would be focused on would be; the name of the product, the packing and the tagline. Social media adds a whole lot more that you have to think about to the list. When it comes to marketing your business through social media, you have to think about the branding of your social media accounts too.

You have to think of things that you never really had to think of in the past, like the significance of your Instagram handle and how this can affect how much attention your page gets. You may be asking yourself, Was ist ein Instagram Handle? This is the name that you give your Instagram page and it is very important that you pick one that stands out and also represents your brand. For a business owner, the most common handle that you will have will be your business name, so it is recommended that you have a quick search and find out whether or not this name is already in use. If the name is already in use, it may be an indication that your overall branding isn’t strong enough, which could save you a lot of pain in the future.

You Can Track Your Success

In the past, the only way you could really track the success of your marketing would be through sales, which did not give you a lot of helpful feedback. Thanks to the use of social media within your marketing, you can now get dependable data that shows you just how successful your latest marketing has been.

If you set up a business account on a platform such as Instagram, you can make an account that is specifically designed to track your post success. It will tell you exactly how many people have clicked on a post, how many people have completed videos and how many people have shared your posts. In the past, you would never have been able to get this kind of data and now you can quickly stop doing anything that is not working, and continue doing things that seem to be a success for your audience. Social media offers so many tools that are important for your business, so be sure to use them.

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