How the World of Marketing Has Evolved Since the Introduction of Social Media
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How the World of Marketing Has Evolved Since the Introduction of Social Media

Marketing is a key part of the success of any business. No matter how good your product is, if you do not have the right marketing techniques, then it is likely that your business will not survive. A lot of companies make the choice of putting together a dedicated marketing team. Marketing is something that takes a lot of time and thought, which means that it is not just something that businesses can think about on the sideline.

In the past, the focus of marketing would be creating great packaging for your product, putting together a fantastic advertisement and making sure that the company name got out there. These are still aspects of marketing that are still widely focused on, however the way that they are approached has changed, thanks to the world of social media.

When social media was first introduced, nobody could have expected that it would exceed its social uses, but it has become a fantastic business tool. Social media has completely transformed the way that running a business works. In particular, it has completely reinvented the world of marketing and here is just a few ways that marketing has evolved since the introduction of social media.


The way that we brand our businesses has completely changed since the introduction of social media. When we used to focus on branding, the main aspects that would be focused on would be; the name of the product, the packing and the tagline. Social media adds a whole lot more that you have to think about to the list. When it comes to marketing your business through social media, you have to think about the branding of your social media accounts too.

You have to think of things that you never really had to think of in the past, …

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Outsourced Marketing: Why It’s Never Wrong to Seek Consultations

Marketing is a crucial part of any business, without ensuring you have strategies in place to help attract more and more people to your business it is likely that you will limit your growth and chances of success. If you are in the early stages of opening your business and are not as experienced with putting together your own marketing strategies then do not worry. Buying marketing material or hiring a professional to help you teach the ways of getting more people on board with your company is not something that you should be ashamed of.  

One of the biggest issues with outsourcing your marketing material would be that you are not in full control of what is being produced whereas working individually you can alter things to suit your preference and requirements. For a business that is just getting started, however, it may be necessary to at least consult with someone who knows what they are doing and who can teach you the best and most effective method behind making quality digital marketing strategies. Even if it is not something that you keep on with your business and instead use the services provided to help you learn how to do it yourself.  


Prioritizing Your Business

In order for you to be successful, you are going to have to make sacrifices in order to prioritize your business and its rapid development. This includes your marketing and you shouldn’t be too proud that you don’t get help if this is an area you struggle with. Your marketing and advertising content will have a big effect on the amount of profit you make and the amount of traffic you have on your website so it should be your first port of call to have preparations made quite early on for this.

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What we Think: Are Influencers really the Future of Marketing?

The way in which marketing works has changed a lot in the last few years. These days we are no longer dependent on TV advertisements or billboards as marketing tools as the world has gone completely online and digital.

A type of person that has emerged in the last decade is someone known as an influencer. For some time, the existence of influencers was denied in business. The main reason that this happened was that people found it hard to understand that a person that has gained success and created an online presence could be a valuable marketing tool.

Some of the smarter businessmen out there quickly acknowledged the potential success that could come with employing an influencer as a means of marketing and from the mid-2000s, more and more people are opening their eyes to the potential success that can be found when using influencers, while others are not convinced. Here is what we think about influencers being the future of marketing.



Something that is hard to deny is that influencers have a lot of fans. Those who are fond of internet culture are quick to latch onto someone that they feel is a role model of some sort or someone they aspire to be, this is where the influencer can be a useful marketing tool.

Being able to appeal to the fans of the influencer gives you an extremely large potential customer base. When you choose an influencer, you usually pick one that really resonates with your brand and you can see them and their fans using your products. By using an influencer’s fan base to promote your product, you are promoting to people who are likely to buy it.

Just generally advertising your product is a waste, as most of the people who see your …

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Boosting your Brand: How to Properly Understand Social Media Metrics

Owning a business these days is much different than what it used to be. As the world has moved to a digital space, so has the way in which we have to operate our businesses. These days you will not go anywhere without having a well-known and effective brand, but getting your brand across is not as easy as putting together a TV advertisement or billboard anymore.  

To ensure that your business really makes it in the rat race, you have to make sure that you build an online brand for your business. The most popular way in which businesses try to develop an online brand is through the use of social media. Simply putting an ad out online will no longer cut it as people tend to avoid those. However, creating a social media presence for your brand is not as straightforward as just posting some pictures or sharing a video.  

In order to effectively boost a brand online, you have to take into account social media metrics. For someone who has very little experience in the world of social media branding, this can be extremely overwhelming. For some of us, we wouldn’t even know where to find the media metrics for our pages. We know just how confusing it can be, so here are our tips for really understanding social media metrics.  


What are social media metrics? 

For people who are well educated in the world of social media branding, it can be hard to remember that not everyone understands what media metrics are. To put it simply, media metrics are essentially the statistics that can be found in association with your business page.   

Whenever you create a social media page as a business, you should make sure that you are making a business page and not just

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The Power of Followers: Why Social Media Saves Businesses

Social media is very prominent in our current society, but only 20 years ago it has nowhere near as much influence. Many social media sites now have billions of users worldwide and on average people spend at least 5 hours a day on various social media sites. Social media became very popular back in the early 2000s, although the original social media sites haven’t managed to adapt to people’s needs and are now rarely used. The first popular social media site was MySpace, in 2004 they reached the great achievement of having a million active users on their site every month, the very first social media site to do so. The social media sites that have been around since the start and are so popular are sites like Twitter, the site is different from how it was when it was launched as it has continued to develop to meet people’s needs, for example, they added the thread function for when 140 characters are not enough and allowing people to upload photos and videos. Since then, social media has become so popular that this is no longer an impressive achievement, one of the latest social media sites is TikTok and when it was launched back in 2016, it gained on average 20 million users per month. One of the big changes that social media brings along with it that social media completely changed the marketing game and can even save a business and its reputation. 


Why you should utilize social media for your business?

Social media comes with many advantages for your business, for any traditional business people it may be hard to wrap your head around, but in recent years things have really changed and any good business person needs to be aware of how helpful social media can

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8 Effective Methods to Step up your Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media is no longer viewed merely as an option or an idea – most people use it everyday and it is basically impossible to be successful as a marketer without it.

Platforms that are right for you

Your company and your customers should be considered when choosing the right platform. To easily connect with your target audience, you should create accounts on the platforms they use. Make sure you find out which sites your audience probably uses and then make sure to use them as well. Choosing the right sites for your products is also important. Obviously YouTube makes sense for a company that makes videos and want to advertise their video content with targeted viewers.

Create a Calendar and Plan

While it may be tempting to just go ahead and post until your heart’s content to get as much of your social media page filled up as possible, this is not very effective as it will be overwhelming for potential customers and most likely messy- leading to rushed, low-quality content. Instead, plan your posts and if you are using more than one platform, plan what you are going to be posting and create a calendar of what dates and times these will be going live.

Encourage Engagement

The purpose of social media is to engage but this does not mean that people are going to straight away engage with your posts- some people use social media for fun and some are even referred to as ‘ghosts’ as they access social media but do not socialize. Therefore, you need to prompt people to engage with your site/page, in a way that is subtle such as using polls/question features, etc. It may even be useful to ask your viewers what they would like to see- therefore you are …

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How Hospitals Use Marketing to Raise Awareness

It is extremely important that hospitals raise awareness for many kinds of diseases and how to look out for them. The best way to do this is through a marketing campaign, as it provides more recognition for the illness that the hospital is trying to raise awareness about. Therefore, I am going to be looking at different marketing techniques that hospitals have used to raise awareness of different illnesses or symptoms.



There are many aspects of marketing that have moved online and into the digital age. This is proven to be the best method of marketing, as it reaches a higher number of people across widespread areas. If you are dealing with an illness such as alopecia and wish to have more information and what to expect, the hospital usually has a website with links, articles, and live chats so that you can get the information you need. There may be a section on the website specifically targeted to you such as the 7 stages of hairloss. Currently, with the Coronavirus pandemic, many things have moved online.

This means that many marketing campaigns from hospitals have had to be marketed online, and their websites provide you with contact details of helplines, charities, and more. Since many people often use social media, you may find that on apps such as Facebook and Instagram you will see ads specifically targeted to you. Many marketing campaigns pay so that their campaigns reach target audiences on different social media apps, so you are more likely to see the advertisement.

Appearing on social news feeds often will go a long way in keeping you in the mind of the users; if the post is interesting it is more likely to stay in a person’s mind for a longer period of time. Creating a …

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Why You Need to Build Better Business Relationships

Surviving in the cutthroat world of business is difficult. There are a lot of tips and tricks you can use to stay afloat. But regardless of how well prepared you to come into it, there are always going to be obstacles in your way that threaten your career and make you want to pack it all in.

We strive to help people better understand the world of business. To be better prepared and more informed about the latest trends, the best tactics, and ways to improve their standing. Today we want to take a look at Business relationships. And why you need to be building better ones.

Business Relationships

In the world of business, the most important relationship is between you and your client. This is business 101. The client is where you will draw your profit from. There are many ways to improve your customer relationships, such as friend tag or a business lunch, but we aren’t going to be focusing on that today.

Business relationships concern how well connected you are with other people in your field. This mainly means people who don’t work with you directly. So people who work for another company, even a rival one. In fact, forging a good relationship with your rivals is the smartest move you can make. The old adage of ‘Keeping your Enemies closer’ holds very true in the world of business.


Why They Matter

You might be wondering why it is so important to forge good business relationships if the customer is priority number one. Firstly, information is power. Books and seminars and magazines are a great way to stay ahead of the curve, but they can only provide you with so much. The shared knowledge and experiences of people working in your field are invaluable. You …

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Is Live-Streaming becoming too Commercialized?

When Live-streaming first stepped onto the scene, it was mainly reserved for YouTube gamers and people running giveaways. It attracted a small following and was a very niche field of entertainment. Now, streaming is one of the biggest forms of entertainment on the planet.

Twitch has millions of users on their site at all times. Everyone from unknown gamers to high-end celebrities has jumped on the bandwagon and began streaming content to the world. This leads us to our question of the day. Has Live-Streaming become too Commercialized?


The Rise of Streaming

In years gone by, Streaming wasn’t for everyone for one simple reason. It was expensive. You needed a lot of extra techs. A high-quality camera. A strong microphone. Sound mufflers. Capture cards. Not to mention an extremely high-end PC. Just looking at the amount of ram you need to stream properly was enough to make your heart stop back then.

But these days technology has improved in leaps and bounds. The cutting edge tech of yesterday is the rubbish tech of today. But the upside to this is that streaming is now more accessible. As the tech needed becomes cheaper, more people can climb on. And that is fantastic. Any time people have better access to express themselves creatively is a time for celebration.


The Downfall

But like anything that becomes popular, it wasn’t long before capitalism got its hands on it. You have always been able to support your favorite content creators. But now modern streaming is basically a pay-to-view service. Which isn’t bad in and of itself. These creators deserve to get paid for the entertainment they provide.

But alongside that you now have creators getting paid by companies and given merch to wear or use during their stream. This is, of course, nothing …

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