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How to Use Social Media to Engage with your Target Demographic

Over the last decade, social media has become a critical part of our everyday life. Since we use it every day, it is an excellent place to advertise your business and to engage with your target demographic. Especially nowadays as you cannot rely on news of your product to travel by word of mouth or by billboards and posters with the lack of traveling people are doing at the moment. During the pandemic, social media has become the most constant and easiest way to connect with your potential customers. However, depending on your product and services, you might want to focus your promotion on certain platforms that appeal more to your target demographic.

What Is Your Demographic?

For example, if your business is selling items designed for a middle-aged audience, then older social media sites such as Facebook or WhatsApp are what they are more likely to use on a daily basis. These social media platforms are huge, with Facebook having over two billion users. That’s over a quarter of the population! So, there are plenty of people in your target demographic who use the site and could see the potential in your product. On the other hand, because sites like Facebook are so large there are also millions of other people also using it to promote their business. Therefore, you must make your product and advertising stand out from the crowd. Engaging with your customers is a great way to increase support and communication which will in turn help you come across as friendly. You can also learn how to improve your business from their feedback.

If your business is targeting a younger demographic, for example, people in their late teens and twenties, then sites used more frequently by those demographics such as Instagram and Snapchat are where …

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Marketing Trends

Marketing Successes: Why Water Sports are so Costly yet Popular

The world of sports and marketing goes hand in hand like pie and ice cream. Just look at the Superbowl. It is a veritable museum of commercials, sponsorship deals, and brand slogans plastered across uniforms. But today we want to focus on a specific area of the sporting world. One that, by all rights, shouldn’t be as popular as it is due to its staggering entry costs. But it is still one of the most consistently popular areas of sports.

We are talking about watersports. Surfing. Jet Skiing. Diving. All of these come with a hefty price tag to get into. Today we want to look at how these sports are marketed so successfully, as this has a huge part to play in their continued popularity.

The Costs

Watersports should really only appeal to those with a large amount of disposable income. Sports like diving require a lot of prior training before you can take to the water. Having to learn how deep can a scuba diver go, how to properly use your equipment and all the safety regulations. This, paired with the cost of the equipment itself, would make anyone catch their breath.

Same with sports such as surfing. Surf Boards are extremely expensive. Along with wet-suits, board-wax, and protective eye-wear. And surfing, like diving, comes with a steep learning curve that can often require you to fork out for lessons. So why do people still take part in these expensive sports?


Humanity has a long-standing tradition of being in the water. Some say it is due to our ancient ancestors heralding from the ocean. And ever since then we have longed to return to the sea. People love a day down at the beach or heading down to the local swimming pool.

Sporting companies play on this …

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