Our mission is to replace petroleum-based chemicals with fully sustainable, zero carbon specialty chemicals. We believe a renewable economy has arrived. Our part in this new economy is to create a more efficient, sustainable supply of specialty chemicals.


Living in an era of limited resources requires innovative solutions. We foster forward thinking and agility in our team to create the most dynamic and cutting edge processes and products.

Natural Processes

We are committed to non-GMO processes. We believe the solution to modern challenges lies in biological and chemical processes that have already been tested by mother nature.


We believe that there is no waste, only wasted resources. Through our processes, infrastructure and everyday actions we are committed to being zero waste, carbon neutral and low impact.

Our Logo

BM LogoOur logo is modeled on the Fibonacci sequence, which orders the natural world to maximize efficiency, capacity and growth. We see this pattern in tree branches, sunflower florets, daisy petals, bone structure, seashells and other living organisms. This ubiquitous structure embodies nature’s innovative solutions to limited resources. The Fibonacci sequence symbolizes our investment in innovation for sustainable solutions.