It is extremely important that hospitals raise awareness for many kinds of diseases and how to look out for them. The best way to do this is through a marketing campaign, as it provides more recognition for the illness that the hospital is trying to raise awareness about. Therefore, I am going to be looking at different marketing techniques that hospitals have used to raise awareness of different illnesses or symptoms.



There are many aspects of marketing that have moved online and into the digital age. This is proven to be the best method of marketing, as it reaches a higher number of people across widespread areas. If you are dealing with an illness such as alopecia and wish to have more information and what to expect, the hospital usually has a website with links, articles, and live chats so that you can get the information you need. There may be a section on the website specifically targeted to you such as the 7 stages of hairloss. Currently, with the Coronavirus pandemic, many things have moved online.

This means that many marketing campaigns from hospitals have had to be marketed online, and their websites provide you with contact details of helplines, charities, and more. Since many people often use social media, you may find that on apps such as Facebook and Instagram you will see ads specifically targeted to you. Many marketing campaigns pay so that their campaigns reach target audiences on different social media apps, so you are more likely to see the advertisement.

Appearing on social news feeds often will go a long way in keeping you in the mind of the users; if the post is interesting it is more likely to stay in a person’s mind for a longer period of time. Creating a good-looking website is important, but focus on giving patients useful health information to take better care of themselves and their family as this is what will attract them to the website, as they are more likely to go back and visit the website if the information is helpful.



Although this may now appear old-fashioned due to the digital era, leaflets placed strategically in waiting rooms of hospitals begin to appeal to patients who are waiting to be seen for an appointment. Often, many people grow tired of waiting and look around for some form of entertainment. These leaflets provide information on all sorts of different things ranging from illness symptoms, ranges of diseases, charities, and how to combat different ailments by yourself. You can showcase these leaflets by placing them in a strategic layout around the room.


Internal Marketing

Many people may find it most reliable of the marketing comes straight from the mouth of a hospital employee. It can be comforting and trusting to gain advice and information from a doctor or nurse. In doing this, it allows the patient to get the best knowledge and most information that they require, as they will be speaking to a person head-on. This allows them to feel safe and trusting towards the employee, and they are more likely to follow the advice and guidelines given.

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