What is Peloton

Pelton is a sports and fitness company that created a virtual personal trainer that people could take into their homes to help with their personal exercise regimes. The great thing about this development is how portable it is and how it can be tailored to suit any user’s own needs when it comes to getting a structured exercise regime that benefits the areas that you want to work on. Peloton can be used in conjunction with a range of exercise equipment and machines so that you can keep an eye on your progress as well as learn about the benefits of the exercise you are doing.

With such a huge development in their product and the highly praised reception that it received when it was brought out to the public, there have been many big business decisions to be made in order to ensure the brand’s success. The company was started in London and after many private sessions to work out how the company was going to work, Peloton was eventually released to the world which saw huge amounts of success pretty early in the release stages.


Who it is Aimed at?

When it comes to marketing any new product it is important that there has been much thought behind the marketing process and specifically the target audience for the release. Peloton was no exception to this and they had to consider who they were going to target in order to make sure their products and their establishment as a brand in the already busy fitness world were as successful as possible. With a product as innovative as this and one that can influence the fitness industry as much as they have, it is important that the product is understood and through word of mouth encourage more people to invest

Peloton was marketed towards those that found themselves without access to the gym and without the funds to bring the gym into their home. During these times of isolation and the closure of gyms all over the country, it is important that people have the means to get a decent exercise session at home. This was the most obvious way to market this product as it comes with a range of exercise workouts that require limited space and equipment, as the product was facing a common issue it was important to market the business in a way that clearly showed this to prospective buyers.


How was Peloton Marketed

As previously mentioned much of Peloton’s success comes from the fact that there were a lot of gym closures at the time and the brand offered to solve this by providing the same exercise standard wherever you go. It is vital that Peloton was marketed in a way that made it clear what they are offering and that their marketing materials conveyed their unique selling point of being able to take tailored workouts wherever you are. This is the cleverest way in which a product such as this can be marketed especially when you consider how there is a real demand for something like this due to the lockdown and the subsequent gym closures

However there is the issue of keeping this company and its services in use when the lockdown eventually ends, it is not the job of the marketing team to work on how they are going to market the brand in a way that keeps them relevant. I would say that the best way to do this is to show how versatile the service is and how it can be implemented into a person’s normal exercise regimen when the gyms are open once again.

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