Industrial Hemp

Blue Marble is revolutionizing the hemp industry through its leadership in hemp processing, innovation, and as one of the top product development groups in the Northwest. 

Hemp Seed to Hemp Oil

Getting Involved

In September of 2018, we began research and development processes on hemp under the Montana Department of Agriculture’s industrial hemp pilot program; an initiative made possible by the Agricultural Act of 2014.

When we began to approach hemp we tallied all our operations in production, research, and development and realized we had a lot of utilities and skills in-house to bring something really unique to the hemp industry: a strong food science background coupled with our history of extraction work. 

With our passionate team of chemists, biologists, and engineers, we saw a unique opportunity to become a vital participant in the new and burgeoning hemp and cannabis industry. We’re putting our killer team of scientists and engineers to the test and really changing how people see hemp.


Blue Marble’s passionate team of scientists, engineers and operators are committed to innovative, natural solutions, giving it a competitive advantage in the hemp industry. With a focus on cross functional research, collaboration and development of biological and green chemistry processes, Blue Marble helps its partners grow and thrive.

Blue Marble’s commitment to quality has resulted in partnerships with some of the top CPG companies in the world. These successful relationships are a result of Blue Marble’s dedication to quality staff, testing methods and a desire to see its customers succeed by delivering products of the highest quality.

Recognizing the need for more domestic innovation, transparency and scientific development with industrial hemp, Blue Marble has committed itself to overseeing the hemp process from crop to commodity, an unprecedented commitment in the industry. Its team of bioengineers and chemists have determined a way to process hemp with an FDA-approved solvent that is food-safe, renewable and sustainable. Through this commitment to innovation, safety and sustainability, Blue Marble believes it can revolutionize hemp products and sell them at an affordable price without compromising quality.

Blue Marble’s position in the hemp industry is unrivaled. It has the license and ability to grow, develop and test hemp-based products while providing innovative, natural solutions to its customers and partners.

Extractions & The Marketplace

Blue Marble has undertaken a strong initiative within the hemp industry with Hidden Lake Elements. As our partnerships and networks have grown, we’ve learned more and more about the problems in the hemp space like overpriced products, unfounded health claims, and lack of quality oversight. Hidden Lake is our journey to overcome and solve a lot of these existing problems for members of the hemp community.

We love fermentation at Blue Marble and that’s why we’ve developed our own, unique extraction process using fermentation-derived alcohol as a solvent. This method preserves the cannabidiols the industry demands while maintaining the natural qualities of the plant. Delivering a beautiful green, natural product is our way of communicating to consumers that the process is natural and non-destructive.

Of course, after extraction we’re left with heaps of stalks, and leaves. Research and discussions are underway to develop systems through which to make full use of these feedstocks.

With Blue Marble

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