Innovation Partners

Blue Marble is honored to collaborate with a growing list of outstanding thinkers, industrial problem solvers and creative production experts.
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Specializing in speedy results, our diversely skilled team of scientists, engineers and researchers works closely with our partners to achieve amazing results spanning over many different industries.

Creating a better world is no easy task. Partnerships, teamwork, and collaboration are essential to tackling the difficult challenges ahead.

Where there is unity, there is strength.

Solving complex problems drives us forward, and we convert that momentum into success. Partner with us to develop innovative solutions to your unique challenges, and learn how a custom research and development project with Blue Marble can benefit you.

Creative Team

Blue Marble’s passionate team of scientists, engineers and operators are committed to innovative, natural solutions, giving it a competitive advantage across several industries such as Fragrance & Flavor, Food & Beverage, and Personal Care. With a focus on cross functional research, collaboration and development of biological and green chemistry processes, Blue Marble helps its partners grow and thrive.

Our commitment to quality has resulted in partnerships with some of the top CPG companies in the world. These successful relationships are a result of Blue Marble’s dedication to quality staff, testing methods and a desire to see its customers succeed by delivering products of the highest quality.

If you have an exciting project you would like to collaborate on feel free to drop us a line.

With Blue Marble

Innovation is Inevitable

Let’s make something incredible.