The world of sports and marketing goes hand in hand like pie and ice cream. Just look at the Superbowl. It is a veritable museum of commercials, sponsorship deals, and brand slogans plastered across uniforms. But today we want to focus on a specific area of the sporting world. One that, by all rights, shouldn’t be as popular as it is due to its staggering entry costs. But it is still one of the most consistently popular areas of sports.

We are talking about watersports. Surfing. Jet Skiing. Diving. All of these come with a hefty price tag to get into. Today we want to look at how these sports are marketed so successfully, as this has a huge part to play in their continued popularity.

The Costs

Watersports should really only appeal to those with a large amount of disposable income. Sports like diving require a lot of prior training before you can take to the water. Having to learn how deep can a scuba diver go, how to properly use your equipment and all the safety regulations. This, paired with the cost of the equipment itself, would make anyone catch their breath.

Same with sports such as surfing. Surf Boards are extremely expensive. Along with wet-suits, board-wax, and protective eye-wear. And surfing, like diving, comes with a steep learning curve that can often require you to fork out for lessons. So why do people still take part in these expensive sports?


Humanity has a long-standing tradition of being in the water. Some say it is due to our ancient ancestors heralding from the ocean. And ever since then we have longed to return to the sea. People love a day down at the beach or heading down to the local swimming pool.

Sporting companies play on this desire to be near the water to great effect. Look at any surfing advert. It uses a lot of imagery relating back to the beach and beautiful scenic views of the ocean. Men with golden locks strutting towards the waves. Beautiful women dominating the surf with their impressive skills and dynamite looks.

Sex Sells

We know that sex is used to sell nearly anything. It is a bad tradition that we need to get rid of for certain areas of the world. But for water sports, it makes sense we use sex to sell. Beaches are an area people can strut their stuff. Water sporting professionals are often heralded as sex icons. Just look at Baywatch.

So sporting companies definitely use this to their advantage. The strong sexual imagery employed for sports such as surfing or water skiing is a great way of drawing in customers who respond to that sort of thing. While it might not appeal to more enlightened people, it still helps boost sales considerably.

Growing Popularity

These two things are the biggest reasons that water sports have stayed so popular over the years. Mainly the strong sense of sporting tradition associated with them. But in recent years we have seen them start to grow in popularity. And the reason for that is technological advancement.

Tech is getting better and better every year. And as it improves, its price tends to drop as companies can produce the tech for cheap and have more competition. This means all the vital tech you need for a sport like diving is now much more accessible. So we are seeing a steady increase in the number of people taking to the sport.



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