Walmart Announces Sustainable Chemicals Policy

Walmart Announces Sustainable Chemicals Policy

Published: SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, recently announced their intent to aggressively pursue increased sustainability. With initiatives that include increased use of recycled materials, reduction of fertilizer use, and energy efficiency, the one that catches our eye is the intention to remove suspect chemicals from cosmetics, household cleaners, and personal care products. The decision to move towards viable alternatives to toxic chemicals is a huge advancement for the green chemical industry. Janet Nudelman, Director of Program and Policy for the Breast Cancer Fund and co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, sums it up well by saying, “Walmart’s decision to banish cosmetics and cleaners made with toxic chemicals will revolutionize the marketplace and help all of us live better by making safer products the new normal.”

Our goal at Blue Marble Biomaterials has been to lead the way in creating sustainable, natural, drop-in replacements for the potentially harmful chemicals that are present in a glut of everyday products. We realized that, as people became educated about the dangers associated with common chemical additives, there would be a high demand for alternatives to commonly accepted petro-chemicals. We have made huge strides in achieving our goals, and couldn’t be happier to see an incredibly influential retailer taking responsibility for the heath and well being of their consumers.

An announcement of this magnitude bolsters our commitment to delivering the finest products possible. Our zero-waste R&D and production facilities are currently being moved to a large-scale commercial facility that will allow us to execute our ideas more efficiently to meet the demands of this burgeoning market. We will continue our commitment to using non-virgin, sustainable feedstocks, and to seek out opportunities that allow us to use low-value byproducts as the source for high-value green chemicals.

We could not be happier to hear Walmart’s announcement, and are incredibly excited to see a shift in priorities that includes the concerns of the consumer. Retailers are heeding the advice of their customers, and with further efforts being made concerning sustainability and public health we are a step closer to our goal of displacing potentially toxic chemicals in the marketplace. Stay tuned for big things from Blue Marble Biomaterials.

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Colby Underwood
Co-CEO/Chief Business Officer
Blue Marble Biomaterials