Entrepreneurs Can and Should Change the World

Entrepreneurs Can and Should Change the World

Not to sound hyperbolic, but I believe that as entrepreneurs, we are responsible for pushing forward ideas that benefit humanity. And, while we’re out there chasing our fortunes and success, we can also be actively helping society and our environment.

A great example of someone living this mantra is Elon Musk. He has made it very clear that his investments in Solar City, SpaceX, and Tesla are to help us become less dependent on fossil fuels and to help us one day become a multi-planet civilization.

And before you scoff at these statements, consider that Elon basically took all of his earnings from the sale of PayPal in the late 1990’s and invested all of it into moonshot companies.

Yes, solar and electric vehicles are all the rage right now, but 16 years ago that wasn’t the case.

But solar companies, electric vehicles, and rocket ships are all expensive endeavors to try and undertake. So how can entrepreneurs, that aren’t flush with billions from their previous exit, make a difference?

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