Fermented Fusions

Blue Marble has released a new fermentation pathway called Fermented Fusions. This line of fermented products provides unique and novel fermented flavors and taste modulation compounds by route of several different polyculture fermentations. The Fermented Fusions-MY utilizes a specially mixed yeast cassette and offers a fermentation process that generates floral aromas and flavors, vitamins, esters, alcohols, and organic acids. The Fermented Fusions-FF involves a unique filamentous fungus cassette and generates savory aromas and flavors, amino acids, alcohols, and organic acids. The Fermented Fusions products can be used to flavor sauces and dressings as well as used as salt replacements and flavor enhancers in a variety of food or beverage products. For a full list of products, check out our Fermented Fusions page!