In this generation, the power of social media is pervasive. It can help someone to create an image and then destroy it too. Bullying has always been a problem for the current generation. Insecurities and damaging words can hurt a lot of people. However, these take a whole different level when a virtual screen is attached to the bullying angle.

Negativity has increased a lot in these years. People can be anonymous and spew hate on people they don’t even know about. This is very damaging for many people. When it happens in the real-life, they can take assistance, but the negativity that has spread through a virtual screen knows no boundary.

Cyber negativity can be so bad that it can lead to various mental health issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and even suicide. Teenagers who go through this negativity begin losing their confidence. They get low self-esteem and begin to change drastic details about themselves. Change is useful only when it is done for positive reasons. Nobody should feel forced to change, but these people change because someone on the internet destroyed their self-esteem.

To save yourself from this daily negativity that you see on the internet, you must practice some self-care methods. It is very vital to protect yourself and make your mind feel more secured and calm. This article will help you with some tips to ward off the negativity that is thrown by the internet.

Limit your usage of social media

Acknowledge and recognize the fact that the impact of social media has not been healthy on your mind. All these aspects can only work if you genuinely put effort into fulfilling it.

After you have understood that social media is not having a positive impact on your mind, try to do something about it. Constant obsession with social media can hinder your relationships. Your socializing skills can go down as you are always worrying about what people on the screen will think about you.

This can also lead to you being overly conscious of yourself. You will begin to start obsessing over small details like how you look or how you eat. These things can clip off your reality. It will make you obsess over how other people see you. And, these people are not even your close ones!

You give power to people who don’t even mean anything to you. It is a deteriorating aspect for your physical as well as mental health. To stop doing this, start by limiting your time on social media. Try to distract yourself with other things, but don’t give yourself into the obsession.

Go through a frequent digital detox

As mentioned before, regular social media can be harmful to your mental health. The toxic negativity can lead you to have a very negative outlook. This is why you need to take a step back and relax for some time.

Spend time with yourself and your loved ones. Try doing things that you love. Try reading something that can give you more positivity, and it will certainly help you heal. When something is troubling you so much, it is good to take a step back and relax. You don’t always have to fight your struggles. It is good to have some rest time.

This will not only give you some time to heal but also teach you how futile that negativity is. It will show you that the only people that matter are the ones that are already close to you. They would not put their negative behavior on yourself. This is why a digital detox is very crucial. Everyone should perform it to understand that virtual reality is not really real.

Observe and acknowledge your feelings

When you are on social media, you feel different kinds of emotions. It may be because you are scrolling through so many pictures, and you begin feeling sad about your own condition. This can lead to toxic comparison, with you feeling drained out at the end of this social media scrolling.

To avoid this, start being mindful of your feelings. If you notice that late-night Instagram scrolling makes you feel mentally exhausted, stop doing that. If you feel like you are in a state of mind where the pictures on the internet don’t make you feel good, then prohibit yourself from going through that.

Recognize your emotions and acknowledge them. In order to actually do something about your negative emotions, you have to understand them. You will have to see when these emotions get worse and at what period do they get worse. You will have to pinpoint everything about your toxic feelings. You can only work on them if you know what is going on with them.

Therefore, be very mindful and attentive to the impact every social media has on your mental health. Point out the accounts that make you feel worse and unfollow them. If there are people who make you feel bad, mute them, or you can also try to communicate.

Stop giving too much importance to social media

Things can only hurt us if we give them the power to do so. It is a fact that words coming from a friend hurts you more than a stranger. And, yes technically, everyone on social media can be termed as a stranger. However, they are not strangers if you see them collectively as your social media audience.

You stop seeing them as other flawed human beings. You begin to try to impress them. You start to run behind the number of likes and the number of good comments. And, this is the importance these strangers get from you. They begin to realize that you are giving more importance to this virtual reality than your real life. It can be very damaging.

Words that will be said by these strangers will have a whole other meaning for you. You will begin to feel bad if you don’t impress these people. In reality, they are no different from you. Their negativity is deeply rooted within them. It stems from their own insecurities and harsh reality. They themselves are searching for an escape.

Therefore, giving too much importance to these kinds of people can lead to various mental health issues that you will have to deal with in real life. Virtual life shouldn’t hold that much importance in your life. Having a virtual presence is good until it starts to affect you in a toxic manner.

Final thoughts

Therefore, you are strong enough to deal with everything! But, it is okay to take a break and have some me-time. Almost every negative emotion can be treated if you take some time and relax with yourself. Acknowledge and validate your feelings instead of ripping them apart. In these tough times, it is essential to be comfortable with yourself.

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