Our patented processes utilize plant material and managed ecosystems of bacteria to produce complex chemical compounds. We refine our compounds using green chemistry processes.

Our process begins with organic material (biomass): food co-products, spent brewery grain, spent coffee and tea, algae, milfoil, agricultural silage, wood chips, and more. Our proprietary AGATE system uses cellulosic, lignin, and protein based biomass to produce our target products.

For the first time ever in the chemical industry, our customers have the power to choose which feedstocks will produce their chemical products. Blue Marble is bringing unparalleled traceability and responsibility to quality products and ingredients.


Blue Marble utilizes a proprietary, polyculture fermentation system to manufacture a wide variety of non-petroleum derived, drop in replacement specialty chemicals. We are fermentation pioneers and are constantly testing new feedstocks and pathways. Compared to genetically modified organism (GMO) monoculture or bi-culture systems, our polyculture fermentation system offers a wider variety of metabolic pathways to produce chemicals that are non-GMO, drop in replacements and cost competitive to their petroleum cousins. Blue Marble links different bacteria species together that can create Carboxylic AcidsEstersThioestersSulfur Compounds.



Blue Marble has developed proprietary liquified gas extraction, distillation, and fractionation technologies designed to allow for the production and creation of US and EU natural novel extracts and chemical fractions. This process is being deployed on a wide variety of secondary and sustainable feedstocks prior to use in the AGATE fermentation system. These processes allow us to provide a wide variety of absolutes, natural extracts, and fractionated chemicals with a significantly reduced environmental impact.