Sustainability is one of our core values. We believe there is no waste, only wasted resources, which is why we have designed our system to recapture and repurpose all “waste” material. Furthermore, we use green chemistry practices in order to eliminate hazardous materials from our process.

Below is a list of our green chemistry practices:

  • WATER RECYCLING Water that we use in our fermentation system is extracted in a dewatering process and recycled back into the fermentation process, reducing the need for new water intake.
  • GAS RECYCLING We capture and utilize all of the methane that is produced in our process to create heat and electricity, which are used to heat and power our fermentation system.
  • SOLID MATERIAL The solid material that comes off of our process will not end up in a landfill. It will be gasified on-site and recycled as heat and power for our process.
  • CARBON ABATEMENT As support for carbon accounting grows worldwide, we are poised to help customers and partners take advantage of this movement. Through biomass recycling, petrochemical displacement and natural gas displacement we abate greenhouse gas release and displace products that are produced from fossil-based resources. As we grow, so will our capacity to abate carbon.
  • BIOMASS RECYCLING Our feedstocks are low-value byproducts, not virgin crops. We utilize these byproducts and divert their paths to burn piles or landfills, preventing the release of methane, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Biomass recycling accounts for the largest percentage of our carbon abatement.
  • PETROLEUM DISPLACEMENT Renewable chemicals directly replace chemicals produced from petroleum. As food, fragrance, flavoring and personal care manufacturers choose alternative ingredients for their products, renewable chemicals reduce the use of petroleum and petrochemicals.
  • NATURAL GAS DISPLACEMENT Ammonia-based products currently require natural gas in order to be produced, but Blue Marble can make these products without natural gas.