You may be wondering why link building is important for optimizing a blog. I know I did when I first started mine. Links building is essentially any process that increases either the number or the quality of inbound links to a page online with a target of pushing the website up the ranking in a search engine. Basically, it means people will be able to find your blog quicker and easier.


Everyone is online nowadays. While this is good in terms of this technological age, it can make things very competitive and your voice can easily get lost. That’s why it’s important to do things to stand out and make sure you’ve heard. One of the best ways to do this is through link building. There are a number of services out there but healthy links are easily the best. Their blogger outreach services help you to get natural links and they have fantastic customer support. I had a neighbor who used this service. She loves fashion and clothing and so made a style blog to help girls her age find what to wear. But for a while, she couldn’t get an audience. She was getting maybe one or two views of her page a week, and most of the time, that was me. So when I told her about the power of link building and how it can really optimize your blog, she was overjoyed and immediately set to work. They’re quick and easy to set up and within the first hour of using them, she had thousands of hits. An overnight sensation. It really is amazing how much traffic there is out there on the internet. You could have the best blog of all time but if no one is there to read it, is it really the best blog? The answer is no.


How it works

Link building is often used by companies. When done well, it can really benefit their income and allow them to turn out more of a profit. This is where your company will have an edge over rival businesses. Link building is still a relatively new process. Not many have heard about it so you will be miles ahead of the game. Basically, it gets outside pages to link directly to your blog or website and this in turn starts a chain process that will lead to improvements in the ranking of your Google results. It doesn’t just apply to google, though. Also Yahoo and Bing work and any other search engine. Basically, the links act as digital voices that determine what websites have in the “quality” content.


The search engine will put a website or blog with a large number of links higher than a website with few or no links. It considers these authoritative sources. An authoritative web source is one with higher web sources linked to it and the more links, the higher the website or blog will rank.

This acts almost like magic as your blog will soar to the top of the list, making it easier for people to find you.



One downside of link building is that it can be a lengthy process. This is due to the amount of time it takes to construct high-quality links on a page. Search engines like Google often won’t pick up brand new links and so it can take some time to get up and running. Not too long though, often a few weeks, then you’ll see large improvements and your website will attract mass amounts of attention.


This is why it’s important to pick a reliable company to help build your links. Your own blog needs to have value and be engaging too for the link building to really make your blog popular. So while it may take time to build your blog with the right links, you’ll see the benefits in the long run as your blog will be easier to locate. I can’t recommend it enough and if it worked for my neighbor, it will work wonders for you. It’s a game-changer in this technological age and will give you that little bit of edge over other companies. It’s not only smart but practical and affordable.

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