Establishing yourself as an artist was almost impossible in the past. Very few got the recognition but after a long struggle. Being an artist was not simple back then. But times have changed, with the internet revolution, numerous social media platforms have sprung up and helped the artist to get hold of a strong platform that could showcase their art. Social media can help build an artist’s brand and reputation; it also helps to broaden the artist’s career as a whole. There are several tips for artists on social media that can help them properly market their art form.

Social media is the need of the hour to anyone who has to market any product; art is that product of an artist that needs to be properly marketed. Social media is here to stay and make use of it the best possible way to showcase your art form and force the world to recognize you as an artist.

Tips to get recognized as an artist on social media

We live in a society where people know each other through social media platforms, even your next-door neighbor whom you haven’t seen will be your friend on Facebook, in short talking or socializing is not the trend that people like to follow these days but most of them like to be followed on their respective social media platforms.

When the present era is all about the internet and social media, then why not use it to your advantage. Show your talent to the world and tell them about your goals and aspirations as an artist. Here are a few tips for artists on social media which will help in building your brand: 

  • open a social media account 

First and foremost, you need an account that can help people know about you. There are several social media platforms where you can start,

  • Face book
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube etc.

All these can help people learn about you. Start building your website in such a way that it catches the eye of social media enthusiasts. For this, you can take the help of a web designer.

  • Make your presence is felt on social media.

Keep posting, and never keep your account idle. People should see you everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. in other words, be active everywhere. Post about your dreams, your aspirations, tell the world about you. Some people will listen. Always keep them interested. Don’t post just for the reason of posting. Put your heart into it so that people can truly understand you.

  • Introduce your art

When people start to know you, introduce them to your art. Give them an idea about the kind of artist you are. Give them high-quality content. Nobody is interested in any bullshit. Make sure that the art you are showing is authentic, genuine, and 100% yours.

  • Try not to sell your art.

You are there to sell your art, but don’t let them smell it. People don’t like to be forced. So hounding them to buy your art will scare them off. As tempting as it may seem, trying to sell your product every day will surely make them lose interest. Just post about your art and show them what you have without imposing it on them. Build their interest, and rest will surely follow.

  • Use Hashtags

The practice of using Hashtags in social media is becoming a trend. So use popular and relevant Hashtags while posting your art. Using Hashtags is an important part of the promotion of a product. Hashtags help in compiling your post with similar other posts, and when people search using Hashtags, you will be automatically present in their search. Find what terms are used by other artists like yourself and incorporate some of them into your posts. This will increase your potential in the social media platform.

  • Make your followers feel important.

Your followers are your potential clients, so cherish them and love them online. Give them a like on their posts so that they feel loved and wanted. Making them feel important, and love can do the trick.

  • Try using your Hashtag.

The most important tip for an artist on social media is to use one’s Hashtag. Though Hashtag can be copied, it is better to use your own. This way, you can start a trend, and people will start following, and it is good to see people sharing your work and using your Hashtag. It makes you feel that you are there, and you are getting to it.

  • Post frequently

Post as much as you can or follow a pattern, like weekly thrice. But don’t get bored of posting. New content should always appear on your account; otherwise, people will get bored. So try to engage your followers with regular posts. Your posts should contain your art. So that people keep seeing it.

  • Always be yourself

Whatever you post, try to keep it authentic, expressing yourself is the beauty of an artist. So the posts should always be an image of your self and not copied. Some people may like it some may not. But that’s the beauty. You need to get some criticisms too so that you can be a better artist. Don’t be afraid of criticisms take it on the positive stride. Never change for others, but try to be better at what you do.

  • Interesting captions

The choice of captions can go a long way. People don’t need to read the whole post, but when they see an interesting caption, people will be drawn towards it naturally. Let the caption mirror your art; it’s the habit of people to be attracted to these short captions and Hashtags. Sometimes just an inspirational quote can do wonders.

  • Fix your color tone

The color tones of your images are very important. Study shows that blue-toned images perform a lot better than other tones. If blue is not your color, then try to use natural light as much as possible.

  • Use Instagram

Most of the art collectors use Instagram for their search. And making it a window of your creative work will surely capture their attention. To gain new fans through Instagram and get the opportunity of selling your art.

Let’s summarize

If you check the internet, there are numerous tips for artists on social mediaand before you start, you just need to do some research so that you know where to start. The above article has tips that can help you build your art on social media. Have fun with it, and in the process, start promoting your creations.

Make use of the wonderful gift of the internet, namely the social media platform. Your creations are waiting to get the recognition they need. Start posting today, and watch your art growing.

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