If you are a brand or even a representative of a brand, there is absolutely no chance of you not being on social media. Almost every brand is on social media, but can you remember how many of them have an online presence? Or how many of them interact with their audience regularly?

Not many, right? This is because they don’t invest much of their time on that social media account. They randomly do some shout outs, post some links, and call it a day. That is not how social marketing is done.

To gain more social media attraction, you need a strategy. You need a complete structure that can help you learn more followers. You need to understand your target audience and say things that can resonate with them. You cannot reach the right amount of social media followers if you don’t target the correct age group.

There’s a reason why a specific twitter account gets more retweets, or an Instagram post gets more likes. And, before you begin to think that it is because they have a high budget. Stop! You are not right there. Yes, they do have big budgets, but any business can do the principles they follow with some effort.

Are you also struggling for more followers? Or, is your follower list stuck on a number for a long time? Don’t worry. Every brand has been there, and they have done these couple of tricks that can take you out of your stuck zone. Let’s dive into these tips that can increase your social media presence to a whole new level!

Set SMART goals

Before you begin this, ask yourself, “why are you here on this social media?”

If your answer is somewhat like, “because everyone is here,” you need to change that as soon as possible! The theory of SMART goals has been present for a long time now. They have guided various brands through this journey, and now it’s your time to get introduced to it.

In a nutshell, this theory motivates the companies to be more precise, achievable, relevant, measurable, and time-bound. It also encourages them to have more realistic goals for a short duration of time. You can’t jump off to large numbers when you are just starting. It is essential to keep yourself motivated throughout the journey.

S is for Specific: You have to be very specific about the number you want to target and the social media you want to target. It can be twitter or Facebook, but you have to make your strategy on the basis of your chosen social media.

M is for Measurable: The response rate or the engagement rate should also be measured. You should always focus on your engagement rate for more recognition and acknowledgment.

A is for Achievable: As a brand, it is your responsibility to be responsible. You can’t put forward an outlandish goal in front of your employees. A reasonable goal will help them stay motivated.

R is for Relevant: As a brand, you have to set goals that are relevant for your organization. Your objectives should be relevant to everything you lost. For instance, a burger brand can post funny burger tweets to gain more attention.

T is for Time-bound: You have to set realistic goals for your account. However, those realistic goals have to be time-bound. If you set small goals that are achievable in a particular time, it will motivate your employees.

If you assign a purpose for your social media post, it will prevent you from posting numerous meaningless photos or posts.

Identify your audience

Every brand caters the most to a particular age group. You need to understand that ‘everyone’ is not your audience. All the age groups will not be interested in your brand. You have to recognize, accept, and acknowledge that.

There are many reasons behind the need to break down your audience. You cannot post your content for everyone. It will cause an immense amount of chaos and confusion, which is certainly not a good thing for your brand. In order to avoid this, you should target your social media posts to a particular group. This will help you in the following ways:

  • It will help you figure out the social media sites you should be the most active on.
  • If you target a particular age group, you can decide your posting schedule based on that information.
  • The type of posts you are going to upload will also get influenced by the age group you focus on.
  • Your brand’s motto and your brand objective will be more beard and recognized if it is reached to the right audience.
  • This will also influence the information on your social media profile. For example, if you are focusing on the teenagers, then there can be some informal use of language in your profile. However, if you are targeting the older groups, the use of formal language will be more appreciated.

Many brands just keep posting random posts, but they don’t attract that much audience because that is similar to spinning a fortune wheel. You should strategize and prioritize. That’s the only way to gain more followers. You should understand your audience.

Understanding your audience is equivalent to seeing the brands they love. This type of competitive analysis will also help you grow. You can follow their personality and what is the most relatable thing for your target audience. Every generation, like baby boomers, millennials, or Generation Z, has some problems to deal with that are familiar to everyone. You can target that problem and post according to that commonality.

Create content that people want to view

There are specific topics that are always more controversial than others. Some of them are more trending than any other posts. Don’t hesitate to jump on that bus! If something is trending, use it to your advantage. However, always remember to do it in a way that will appease your audience.

If you are fake about your opinions or you are doing it just for likes, your audience is smart enough to understand that. Therefore, before diving deep into any topic, always complete your research. Incomplete research can be very damaging for your account as well as for your reputation. Hence, even when you follow and post these trending topics, never do it in a hurry. Take your time to analyze everything before posting your opinion on the internet.

Wrapping Up

At last, if these things don’t work, you can consider investing in social media to promote your account. It is your last resort, but the little investment will turn into returns very soon. Therefore, you should focus on increasing your social media presence at all costs.

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