The way in which marketing works has changed a lot in the last few years. These days we are no longer dependent on TV advertisements or billboards as marketing tools as the world has gone completely online and digital.

A type of person that has emerged in the last decade is someone known as an influencer. For some time, the existence of influencers was denied in business. The main reason that this happened was that people found it hard to understand that a person that has gained success and created an online presence could be a valuable marketing tool.

Some of the smarter businessmen out there quickly acknowledged the potential success that could come with employing an influencer as a means of marketing and from the mid-2000s, more and more people are opening their eyes to the potential success that can be found when using influencers, while others are not convinced. Here is what we think about influencers being the future of marketing.



Something that is hard to deny is that influencers have a lot of fans. Those who are fond of internet culture are quick to latch onto someone that they feel is a role model of some sort or someone they aspire to be, this is where the influencer can be a useful marketing tool.

Being able to appeal to the fans of the influencer gives you an extremely large potential customer base. When you choose an influencer, you usually pick one that really resonates with your brand and you can see them and their fans using your products. By using an influencer’s fan base to promote your product, you are promoting to people who are likely to buy it.

Just generally advertising your product is a waste, as most of the people who see your advertisements will have absolutely no potential interest in your product, so by spending a little more on using an influencer’s brand, you could see a high profit made for your business.


They already have a platform

Some influencers give businesses the opportunity to take control of their platform for a short period of time. Being able to do this is extremely valuable to your business, as the influencer that owns the account has already done all of the work to gain the necessary reach to be successful.

If you were to try and build your own accounts, you would have to take the time to gain the reach that an influencer has. This could take a long time, even if you decide to use a site like socialtipster to boost your account popularity.

If you try to start an account from scratch, then you are likely going to spend more money on promotion than what you would spend by using an influencer’s pre-existing account. It is also much less work to just use an account that has already been built from the ground up as you can use their promotion space without any work from yourself.


Everything is moving online

One of the main reasons that influencers are the future of marketing is because marketing is moving completely online, old marketing techniques are not as good as they once were and they no longer have the success that they used to. If you think about it, when is the last time you sat and watched a TV advertisement? If you can’t remember, then this is a good indication of just how redundant past advertising techniques now are.


Influencers can do something that static advertisements cannot, and this is to move with the time and keep up with trends.

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